Special Events

Having a special event, one day or over weeks to months? Does the event take place in remote, isolated areas without emergency medical services? How many people are participating in the event, less than 100, over 500, and how many spectators may attend, hundreds to thousands? Aeromedevac has years of experience protecting event producers, participants and spectators.

Here is what we do for events. Think what we can do for you.

SCORE International
Aeromedevac has been the Official Air Ambulance service of SCORE International for 15+ years. SCORE International events are Off Road Races in Mexico. Their premier event is the grueling Baja 1000. Hundreds of race teams, race staff and thousands of spectators. Aeromedevac has medical teams along the race courses and an air ambulance staged at strategic points during the races.

FOX Baja Studios
A major motion picture production facility has many films with on location filming. On location filming is often in places that are truly desolate, deserts, mountainous. Aeromedevac has been part of Fox Baja Studios location filming since the studios started, for such productions as Titanic, Jar Heads, Deep Blue Sea, and Pearl Harbor. Aeromedevac supports FOX with medical teams with the crew and actors and air ambulance stand-by for immediate evacuation.

Rosarito to Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Bike Ride
An enjoyable event for friends and families to ride together. The event producers, to protect participants and spectators, and their good will, asked Aeromedevac to provide stand-by medical teams and air ambulance service. Adjusting to the event, Aeromedevac had a helicopter ambulance stationed along the race route.

GMC and Volvo
have relied on Aeromedevac for numerous major media events.

Besides medical teams, medical equipment, fixed wing and helicopter air ambulances, Aeromedevac brings radio communications and ground vehicles. The complete package for peace of mind and budgeting.