Aeromedevac Pilots & Mechanics, FAA Certificate

In over twenty years of continuous air medical evacuation service, Aeromedevac has never had an aviation incident, a tribute to the care and dedication of the pilots and mechanics.

Aeromedevac and its partners are fully licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration for air ambulance air charter services worldwide, and we are fully insured.

Aeromedevac pilots are aviation professionals. Just as airlines require, Aeromedevac requires our pilots to maintain their proficiency through twice yearly simulator training.

Aeromedevac mechanics are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as Airframe and Powerplant mechanics with ratings for our aircraft and engines. Daily checks of the aircraft, aircraft review before and after air ambulance missions and scheduled preventive maintenance give Aeromedevac dispatch reliability. Mechanics skill sets are enhanced through annual course work, some sponsored by aircraft and engine manufacturers.