Patients & Families

Aeromedevac Introduction from DPulis on Vimeo.

Aeromedevac Air Ambulance knows that patients, families, friends or colleagues may be responsible for arranging air medical transportation. Every patient and passenger traveling with Aeromedevac knows from that first conversation with our Communications Center to the hugs with our Flight Medical Team at the destination that our First and Foremost Responsibility is compassionate, complete medical care. We listen, think and then offer you our recommendations for comfortable, convenient and cost conscious air ambulance or airline medical escort transportation.

Have insurance and not sure how to ask the insurance company about coverage? Please, call Aeromedevac IMMEDIATELY. Our Communications Center staff will talk with you, and then we will contact the insurance company.

Whether a patient is alone, without family or friends close by or with a friend or loved one, Aeromedevac air ambulance and airline medical escort services are "bedside to bedside" services. That means every detail is planned for:

If a personal physician wants to accompany the patient, that can be arranged.

If someone is paying privately, we accept all major credit cards, bank wire transfers and cashier checks.