International Air Ambulance Alliance (IAAA)

Aeromedevac is a founding member of the IAAA and continues to support IAAA as a catalyst for continuous improvement from within the air ambulance industry

IAAA is a not for profit air ambulance industry organization that establishes standards of operations for long distance air ambulance service, known as fixed wing air ambulance. Helicopter ambulance service is known as rotary wing air ambulance service and is for short distance flights.

Although membership in IAAA is voluntary, members must abide by the organization's standards. Several international travel insurance and travel assistance companies have joined IAAA as Associate Members, because the companies recognize the benefits of IAAA. Travel insurance and travel assistance companies are major buyers of air ambulance services. IAAA air ambulance members, by adhering to the IAAA standards, demonstrate to travel insurance and travel assistance companies a commitment to medical and aviation operations standards.

If you are a hospital or third party case manager, a family member or friend of a patient, representing a corporation, or an attorney representing a patient client, knowing that Aeromedevac is a member if the IAAA is one of several measures of our credibility.

EURAMI, European Aeromedical Institute

Aeromedevac has been accredited by EURAMI since 2010.

EURAMI is one of three recognized air ambulance accrediting bodies. These accreditation agencies perform comprehensive audits of candidate air ambulance services and only award accreditation to air ambulance services fully meeting standards.

EURAMI accreditation is for 3 years. Aeromedevac was audited again in 2013 and received renewal of its accreditation.

Aeromedevac selected EURAMI as its first accreditation because as an international air ambulance company, it is important that Aeromedevac be recognized as meeting international standards.

UCSD (University of California San Diego) Health System

Aeromedevac is proud of its long standing relationship with UCSD. UCSD has a world class university teaching medical center and respected International Health Services. We are a Preferred Provider to UCSD, transferring patients to UCSD from the USA and from international locations.

Our flight medical team members use UCSD medical education facilities for new and recurrent education. Dr. Mike Wilson, Aeromedevac Medical Director, is an attending physician in Emergency Medicine at the UCSD Medical Center.

As a tertiary care medical facility, the UCSD Medical Center is renown in many medical specialties. For more information about the patient care capabilities of UCSD Medical Center, please click on this link.

UCSD International Health Services orchestrates out reach of UCSD health services to foreign countries through education, its Ambassadors program and concierge services for international patients referred to the UCSD Medical Center.

Aeromedevac is contracted by UCSD International Health Services to organize medical education sessions internationally. The medical education is presented by UCSD professional staff.

UCSD International Health Services assists physicians, patients and family members, insurance and care management companies, anyone with an interest in arranging out-patient or in-patient care for someone arriving from an international location. For more information about UCSD International Health Services, please click on this link.


SCORE International Off Road Racing is the organizer of world class Off Road Races. The races take place in Mexico and the USA. Aeromedevac is proud to be the SCORE Air Ambulance Service now and since 1998.

SCORE Off Road Races test teams and machines. To protect the teams, the drivers, spectators, and SCORE employees, Aeromedevac is present at all SCORE Off Road events. An Aeromedevac air ambulance and at times an Aeromedevac staffed helicopter ambulance are assigned to the race. Our flight medical teams are experienced EMS and Emergency Room professionals. They are equipped to respond to the injured and ill along the race course, stabilize them and care for them during air ambulance transfer to San Diego area medical facilities.

For more information about SCORE Off Road Racing, please click on this link.