Aeromedevac Communications and Dispatch

Aeromedevac Communications Center Team

  • 24 / 7 Direct Answering, no answering service
  • Professional staff dedicated to air medical services
  • Bi-lingual English and Spanish
  • Exceptional knowledge of Mexico; hospitals, clinics, government agencies
  • Computer aided air medical evacuation planning

Aeromedevac Communications are Person to Person

  • We listen, we ask questions, we answer Your questions
  • You have confidence that Aeromedevac understands the situation
  • Our air ambulance solutions are clearly explained, they are medically appropriate, practical and cost effective
  • Quotes are in writing with All the details of the air ambulance, price, medical team, schedule

Aeromedevac Communications During Air Medical Evacuations and Airline Medical Escorts

During ALL air ambulance and commercial medical escort services, updates at every step to the customer, family or friends, ground transportation, sending and receiving facilities and physicians

We respect privacy, and no unauthorized individual or organization shall receive ANY information about any Aeromedevac customers and patients

All air ambulance and commercial medical escort flights are displayed live in the Communications Center as they progress. Shown are aircraft / airline altitude, speed and direction. We can contact our air ambulances directly. Well ahead, we know of any delays or airport diversions and make immediate adjustments with ground transportation, customs and immigration, airport services, sending and receiving facilities and update the customer, family or friends.

We have fax and email for electronic communications. Land line telephones can be rerouted to cellular telephones in case of land line interruption. All data and information is security protected in our computer system with scheduled off site back-up.