Airlines; Medical Escort Passengers and Stretcher Patients

Everything for Peace of Mind and Passenger Comfort is included in our Quotation for Airline Medical Escort and Airline Stretcher services. Aeromedevac is expert at reviewing a patient passenger for recommendation of airline medical escort or stretcher service.

Airline services may offer very cost effective, comfortable and timely long distance medical transportation.
     Call the Aeromedevac Communications Center staff to inquire about availability of airline services.

Airline Medical Escort service is available:
     Throughout the USA
     Between foreign countries and the USA, Mexico and Canada
     Choice of Cabin seating

Airline Stretcher
     International service between gateway cities trhoughout the world and gateway cities in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
     Airline stretcher service is placed in the airline's cabin preference, with a privacy curtain.
     A one or two person medical team and full advanced life support is provided.
     Aeromedevac arranges proper medical transportation to and from the airline gateway cities.

Aeromedevac takes care of all the details;
For all airline escorts and airline stretcher care

  • Airline medical clearances
  • Airline ticketing; First, Business and Coach seating dpending on the passenger's preference, ariline requirements, and care needs.
  • Baggage handling
  • Wheelchair service throughout airports, to the flight, to your seat
  • Accompanying family or friend assistance
  • Oxygen service as prescribed
  • Medications as prescribed
  • Discharge and admission confirmations with facilities
  • Ground transportation
  • Excellent communications with family or friends, discharging and receiving facilities

Especially important for international airline escorts and airline stretcher care

  • Passports and Visas
  • Coordination betweeen international care facilities and physicians
  • Care resources for feeding tubes, urine catheters, IV fluids, wounds
  • Oxygen available for medical escort's discretion and in case of emergency
  • Special dietary service for in flight meals during long international flights