About Aeromedevac

Aeromedevac has twenty (20) plus years experience as an air ambulance company. Established in 1992, Aeromedevac has maintained operations continuously, with no history of aviation or medical incidents. Our aircraft are dedicated to air ambulance service and our medical staff are full time employees available 24 / 7. From confirmation of an evacuation mission to take off is 2 hours or less!

Based in San Diego, California, Aeromedevac responds throughout the World and the USA to medically transport patients to and from destinations throughout the West and Mountain States of the USA. San Diego is the gateway city of the Southwest USA to Mexico, especially the resort cities of western Mexico and Baja Mexico. Aeromedevac has annual authority from the Mexican government for international air ambulance service from Mexico, to the USA and Canada.

Airline medical escort services are available in the USA and internationally and airline stretcher service may be available internationally. Oxygen dependent patients have oxygen during airline flights, at airports and in ground transportation.

Aeromedevac services, by air ambulance and as medically escorted airline flights are "bed to bed" services. All air and ground transportation and incidental services are accounted for and arranged by Aeromedevac.

We accept most major credit cards, verified insurance coverage, bank to bank wire transfers and money transfers (Western Union). Qualified business accounts may be offered credit arrangements.