Worldwide : Asia / Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Mid-East, Africa

Service to and from ANY continent and island nation in the world
Service to and from Hawaii

True Worldwide Air Ambulance Service

*some flights may not accommodate one or more passengers due to fuel demands, weather and distance being flown. Lear 35-only 1 piece of hand carried (carry-on) luggage per person. Long Haul / International aircraft carry on piece and 1 standard piece of luggage per person. King Air 100-1 carry-on and 1 standard piece of luggage per person. When a passenger(s) cannot accompany the patient on the air ambulance flight, Aeromedevac will make reasonable effort to assist the passengers with alternative transportation. Aeromedevac is not responsible for any transportation or travel expenses of passengers and luggage, which must be paid for personally or through established credit arrangements.