Mexico - Evacuations & Hospital Admissions in the USA and Canada

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Aeromedevac Air Ambulance, as part of a medical evacuation from Mexico can assist Mexican nationals, Canadians, United States citizens and foreign nationals in Mexico with admission to hospitals in the United States and Canada. Aeromedevac has Mexico government permission for medical evacuations from Mexico.

San Diego, California is The Closest air ambulance destination from many Mexico states
Our Lear 35 and King Air 100 air ambulances are based in San Diego

San Diego has several excellent medical facilities. Aeromedevac Air Ambulance can assist with admission to most hospitals in San Diego, and in metro Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix and hospitals throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, the United States and Canada.

If the patient has preference of ANY HOSPITAL in San Diego or any other US or Canada city, Aeromedevac is pleased to assist the patient, family, employer or insurance company with admission to that hospital.

Our Communications Team will present a Quotation for air ambulance service to any city in the USA, Canada or The World.

To assist with hospital admission, the Aeromedevac Communications Team needs some information. Please, do not hesitate in calling Aeromedevac. Information we would like to know;

  • About the patient; name, age, date of birth, nationality, country of passport and passport number and expiration date
  • General description, any diagnosis, patient's condition
  • Name and address of the hospital or clinic in Mexico caring for the patient
  • Name, telephone and mobile phone of the treating doctor in Mexico
  • Name and city, state (province) of any preferred hospital in the USA or Canada
  • Name and telephone of the doctor in the USA or Canada that you would like to accept the patient
  • Insurance; Insurance company, Claims telephone number, policy identification (name of company or group of the policy, group number, personal identification number)