Direct, Non-Stop Air Ambulance service from Hawaii to California,
Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia and one-stop to all the USA and Canada.

Fastest service to ALL of Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe
From Hawaii, flying WEST, fewer stops to any Pacific Island, Asia and beyond

From Hawaii, call 1.800.462.0911 or 808.518.2968

The Aeromedevac long haul, international air ambulances have 3000+ miles non-stop range.

From Hawaii to the USA and Canada we fly the most direct route, saving money and precious time in an emergency. Non-stop to the West Coast of the USA and Canada. A quick fill up on the west coast, then non-stop to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Long Haul, International Air Ambulances features:

Smaller air ambulance jets often must fly to and from Hawaii using flight paths through Alaska (Yes, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska are closer to Hawaii than California) and make more stops to refuel. Aeromedevac long distance air ambulances are always able to fly Direct - Hawaii to California and often further, and being very efficient air ambulances, are VERY competitive versus smaller air ambulance jets.

Aeromedevac has over twenty years in international air ambulance service. Never an aviation or medical incident.

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*Passenger Disclaimer. Some air ambulance flights may not accommodate one or more passengers due to fuel demands, weather and distance being flown. When a passenger(s) cannot accompany the patient on the air ambulance flight, Aeromedevac will make reasonable effort to assist the passenger(s) with alternative transportation. Aeromedevac is not responsible for any transportation or travel expenses of passengers, which must be paid for personally or through established credit arrangements.